Catinaccio Hiking Center | Val di Fassa | Dolomites


Scheduled for Sunday 17/06/2018, the opening of the "PIAN PECEI-CIAMPEDIE" CHAIRLIFT AND THE "FLY LINE" ROUTE has been postponed until Sunday 24/06/2018. This is due to the time required to complete construction at sites around Pian Pecei, and for securing the chairlift and Fly Line route. We apologise for the inconvenience.

OPEN BETWEEN 24/06/2019 AND 02/09/2019

An experience unique to Trentino, constructed in Vigo di Fassa in 2015: the new CATINACCIO/ROSENGARTEN FLY-LINE. A 1,100-metre aerial route through the forest, suspended in the air and anchored to the trees via steel cables. The descent is by cart at a controlled speed, with a comfortable harness and a seat. Open to anyone weighing between 20 and 120 kg. The descent through the forest takes 6 minutes wearing a comfortable harness. The facility was installed without civil works, fully respecting the mountain environment and vegetation. The anchors are fitted with wooden protectors so they do not harm the trees or hinder their natural growth, and without any bolts or nails in the tree trunks, which guarantees the long-term preservation of the forest.

It is only the second such facility in Italy, and certainly the longest ever constructed!

HOW TO FIND US: take the Vigo-Ciampedie cable car from Vigo di Fassa. The Fly Line is 200 metres from the cable car arrival station. You cannot reach the Fly Line by car.


HOURS: Every day

MORNING: 9.00-12.30
AFTERNOON: 14.00-17.30 (18.00 in August).



1 descent € 10.00
5 descents € 40.00
10 descents € 70.00

1 descent + chairlift climb € 13.00
5 descents + chairlift € 55.00
10 descents + chairlift € 10.00


1 descent € 8.00
5 descents € 30.00
10 descents € 50.00

1 descent + chairlift climb € 11.00
5 descents + chairlift € 45.00
10 descents + chairlift € 80.00